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ONE: Baby Portraits

Babies around their first birthday. 9 - 18 months is the sweet spot for these portraits. Simple, natural portraits made of their beautiful little face with a singular focus on their expressions. 

House Finch, Franklin TN // 2018


I've been birdwatching - in a more organized and official fashion (if a hobby can be classified that way) for about 5 years. My Insta Feed Finches2falcons is the hub for that. Please visit and follow along with me on those adventures there. 

Valerie June, Pilgrimage Festival 2017


As a musician myself, I've got a love for music that rivals photography. When I want to see a show I usually contact the artist's management and try and get on the list. I'll probably never end up shooting shows for money, but the energy of musical performance coupled with the focused rhythm of shooting the special moments excites me.