Hesitant to call himself an artist, David Braud would much prefer the title, “someone who likes to make stuff.” Although communicating through the visual arts is a part of his regular life, what really drives him is his desire to create things.  David studied ceramics and photography at the University of Georgia - the highlight being the creation of functional, porcelain pieces for the consumption of coffee (and other beverages). A close second was making prints in the photography darkroom.

David was raised by vagabond parents (his Dad worked for IBM) who moved him from city to city (Baton Rouge, Wichita, New Orleans, Atlanta, Boston, Mission Viejo). After graduating from the University of Georgia in 1996 he and his wife, Sarah, moved to Franklin, TN. With the exception of 5 years in Philadelphia (where David earned a Masters in Religion) Franklin has been their home.

A notable and formative photography experience was an exploratory expedition to South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Malawi in 2002 where he and Dan Haseltine (Jars of Clay) researched and documented conditions in Africa - namely the need for clean water and the efforts to combat HIV/AIDS. Blood:Water, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing clean water and helping in the fight against HIV/AIDS was birthed, in-part, as a result of this trip. It’s a wonderful organization and deserves our dollars so if you’re so inclined, please HELP the cause

In addition to families wanting outlandish family portraits, David also shoots a wide variety of commercial, corporate and editorial work. His real gift however lies in throwing the football with his 12 year old son, taking his 16 year old daughter for donuts, and drinking gin & tonics with his wife and best friends in the cul-de-sac. And if those activities weren't enough David also runs a photo booth company (Flashtastic Photo Booth) and teaches Photography and is the Director of Galleries at O’More College of Design in Franklin, TN.

Photography Clients include:
GORE-TEX®, Starbucks, Morgan Stanley, Jars of Clay, Seth Godin, Country Music Hall of Fame, Olive & Sinclair Chocolate, ASCAP, Matthew Perryman Jones, Gospel Music Association, Hospital Corporation of America, Williamson Medical Center, Good Wood Nashville, Mercy Childrens Clinic, Blood:Water, Health Trust, Parallon, Fifth Third Bank, Vanderbilt University and many others.