Conference Headshots

provided by David Braud Photography

We offer a simple and effective way for any or all of your conference attendees to receive a great looking professional headshot from your conference.

The way it works:
I partner with conference host OR a conference sponsor to provide complimentary headshots to conference participants. 

Service Includes:
• Unlimited Headshots during specified times throughout conference
• Professional Cameras / Lights
• Headshot Backdrop
• Custom Online Photo Gallery (to retrieve photos)
• Free Downloads for all Participants (and unlimited use of files)
• Professionally Printed and Branded Download Postcards w/ Sponsor Name/Logo
• Professionally Printed Poster (for display on easel) with Branding (Sponsor Name/Logo)

I’ve always gotten great feedback on this service; Not just from the quality of imagery, but also the service's effectiveness of generating leads and productive conversations. 

Below are rates for the service:

1 day conference: $2500

2 day conference: $3500

3 day conference: $4500