Hilton Head, SC: Photo Walk

For the kids spring break we decided, last minute, to take a trip out to Hilton Head, SC. When I was 14 and my younger brother, Steve, was 10, we came here for my mothers 20 year high school reunion. Our kids are now 14 and 10 so I suppose it's fate, or something like that, that we take this trip. I like the sun and water and lounging by the pool, but I also like to get up early, walk around and observe places I travel to. This morning I woke to watch the sunrise and to walk the beach looking for interesting sites, animals, people or whatever I could find. Then I drove to Sea Pines Forest Preserve - Google told me it was a good place to go birding. Well, it was a beautiful walk in the woods and along lagoons and lakes. I saw a number of beautiful birds. Here's what I captured on todays photo walk. Enjoy!

David BraudComment