Jimmy Moore: A Musician's Photographer

It's March 2nd and today is my birthday. And what better thing to do on one's birthday than to take a field trip to the country; Lawrenceburg, TN to be specific. My friend George and I drove about 80 miles, past a number of horses and buggies, to the home of photographer Jimmy Moore, best known as Chet Atkins' photographer. Jimmy also took photos of George's Dad, George Hamilton IV, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Waylon Jennings and dozens of other legendary country music musicians. It was a quite a birthday gift to have the opportunity to browse the walls covered in Jimmy's lifetime of photography work and hear some stories that not many folks get to hear.

As we wrapped up our visit by talking about the upcoming show that I'll be curating for Jimmy at O'More College of Design (May 2015), I asked Jimmy if I could make a few portraits of him. Most of them I shot on my medium format film camera (Mamiya C220), but I also snapped a few on my digital camera which I'll share here. The camera you see in the first shot below was the camera that the space men used when they were on the moon... seriously. To make Jimmy's portraits AND his friendship was a birthday gift I won't forget. Read more about Jimmy Moore HERE. And please mark your calendars for First Friday Art Scene on May 1st at O'More College of Design to see the work and hear the stories firsthand.