Mindfulness and Awareness in Photography

I've always been pretty aware of the stuff around me. As a photographer that's pretty necessary. Even just walking to get coffee I often stop mid-stride, hold up my fingers like a viewfinder box, and tell the air around me, "that would be a nice shot." I can't really help it - I just tend to see my surroundings as compositions of colors and shapes and ideas.

Heading back to the car after finishing up a shoot I had at the Atlanta airport last week, I looked back to see this Buddhist man in his orange kāṣāya standing near an American Flag banner. The complimentary orange/blue color scheme was striking, however, equally striking was the cultural significance of the scene. I had to snap a photo and I’m excited to share the image and know your thoughts. In a season where our country’s ideals seem so much in flux I hope we can pause to take a deep breath and together practice some of the “Eight Fold Path” or the “Beatitudes” - whichever float your boat - they will certainly move us in the right direction.

What feelings, emotions, issues does this image bring up for you?

David BraudComment